Hands-free light
with style


Ever juggled your cell phone and your horse? Does your yard have limited or no lighting?

Do you get frustrated with your regular headtorch bouncing, or worse giving you a headache?

Most of our customers have at some point experienced these same problems. You're not alone and we're here to help.

Imagine a headtorch that's comfortable, stylish and versatile

Sporty & Chic

Our Equi Light headbands and beanies have been designed to...

RELIEVE YOUR FRUSTRATION - say goodbye to uncomfortable, bulky headtorches.  

HELP YOU - no more fumbling with a cell phone flashlight.  

MAKE YOU FEEL STYLISH - nothing says glamour like an Equi Light LED headband or beanie. 

BE EASY TO USE - One simple press of the button, located on the front of the light and away you go.


why our customers love us

We love them ! 
I use my Equi-light  Beanie every evening and every time Im out clipping.
My girlfriend has the bamboo headband and wears it every
day at the yard and even when working nights at a busy equine hospital.
So very easy to pop in the wash and charges fast, they are perfect for everybody.
1st class friendly & helpful service too. What's not to like 😇

Andrew Ttophi

I already own 2 Equi-light beanies and 2 Headbands, purchased last season; I could not resist the Bamboo Torch Head Band in Beau Blue. This is my favourite colour next to the festive red from last winter; it is such a beautiful, flattering colour.
I love how soft the headband is - with just the right amount of 'give' to fit my large head! The light is already so useful as the nights draw in. Earlier this year we lost all power for 10 days due to Storm Eunice - Equi-light came to the rescue then too!The Equi-light is an essential piece of kit for me; I just have to decide what colours to buy next!  I would absolutely recommend Equi-light to a friend; and I regularly do so. I will also be buying Equi-lights as gifts this year, whether you are an equestrian, a runner, a dog walker, or just need light to lock up the hen house or garage at night -  these products are superb.

Elizabeth Conner

I received my headband today after only ordering Wednesday and I am absolutely delighted with it! I love the quality and the torch is much brighter than I expected as well. I think it's fantastic that it came in a compostable bag.🌱 Definitely going to help me out massively at the stables! Thank you 💛 Emma

Emma Kirk

I’ve bought several things so will tell you what I like about each one 
The hat silk is such lovely quality, I love the Pom 
The vest is so lightweight I forget I’m wearing it 
The headbands are so comfy and hide bad hair days along with the bobble hat lol 
All the lights are so bright I can really see and be seen especially when I’m on my 5am starts. 
I have recommended all your products to friends, so far in the last week three of them have made purchases.

Nicky Stapleton

Just as bright as I normal torch and allows me to be hands free while
doing the horses after a long day of uni. The pumpkin colour is
fantastic.  I'm in love!!
Would I recommend us to a friend?
Yes definitely! 

Emily Morris

I just wanted to let you know that I am loving my Equi-Light's! I have a
headband one that I bought in December last year and I have loved it so
much that I bought a beanie too! They are amazing for feeding out in
the dark and also super handy for walking the dog on winter mornings.
They are so comfy and I never want to wear a normal head torch again!
Perfect for New Zealand winter if you have horses or find yourself
running low on time!

Tallulah Mcintosh

What a fantastic product you have created. It has made my everyday tasks so much easier, whether it be mucking out, poo picking, walking dogs or late night gin runs at my recent horse camp! It is so easy to use, easily re-charged as well as being really stylish! You won't find me travelling without my Equi Light now!

-Jazz Mumford

Without doubt one of the best purchase(s) I’ve ever made! Not only are the headbands and hats really comfortable, the strength of brightness in the light is fantastic and in the depths of winter catching horses in Northumberland, that is a must and Equi Light definitely deliver. Super easy and quick to re-charge and to wash without the colour dulling so they still look brand new. Would highly recommend.

Lizzie Dodd

I have just taken my Equi Light on a camping trip and it is my new favourite thing! It was an absolute godsend in the evenings and overnight when I was trying to find the toilet without waking anybody
else up! I also slept in it because it blocked out light and noise and meant that I didn't have to scrabble about trying to find it when I woke up. I would highly, highly recommend it. 

Sophie Conway ~ Horse & Country

The headband has been brilliant as it gives me light to see where I am and what I am doing; but at the same time “frees” up my hands from needing to hold a light source. The headband is much more comfortable to wear than alternative headlights.

Victoria Aitken
ready to go hands-free?
It's a game-changer
Giving Back

Your purchases can help to make a difference. Equi Light are commited to donating a portion of profits from our Digital Horse brand pom beanies and unisex beanies to the Cotswold RDA