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Visibility Equals Safety
Gear Up With LED
Be Smart ~ Be Seen

Hi-Vis For Horse Riders

When selecting a high-vis outfit for horse riding, safety and visibility are the primary considerations.

By incorporating LED hi-vis gear into your riding routine, you can significantly improve safety for both you and your horse.

Light up and get ready for a season packed with unforgettable adventures. 

Our Equi Light LED accessories are designed to:

RELIEVE YOUR FRUSTRATION - say goodbye to uncomfortable headtorches.

HELP YOU - giving you consistent visibility in changing conditions.

MAKE YOU FEEL STYLISH - nothing says glamour quite like an Equi Light LED headband, beanie or Hi-Vis garment.

LAST - rechargeable and made from quality, durable fabrics which you can use time and time again.

BE EASY TO USE - one simple press of the button and away you go.

Don't take our word for it

I love how soft the headband is. The light is already so useful as the nights draw in. Earlier this year we lost all power for 10 days due to Storm Eunice - Equi-light came to the rescue then too! My Equi-light is an essential piece of kit for me; I just have to decide what colours to buy next! 
I will be buying Equi-lights as gifts this year, whether you are an equestrian, a runner, a dog walker, or just need light to lock up the hen house or garage at night,these products are superb!

Elizabeth C

Today I rode later in the afternoon and felt 'highly visible'
Particularly as I chose the pink colour LED vest. It really showed up against all the yellow leaves from the trees. I cannot express how pleased I am with my purchase. I would thoroughly recommend it, as the fitting adjusts to whatever coat I wear. My phone is easily accessible as well. Fab purchase!

Biddy B

I love my Equi Light headband, it keeps my ears super warm, I'm bilaterally deaf and suffer with very sensitive ears particularly to the cold so I often wear a woolly hat, but my head usually gets too hot I so have been absolutely delighted with this headband. The fleece lining is brilliant, it doesn't get suck and catch on the tubes on my hearing aids which has been a problem with headbands in the past. Warm ears, without being too hot and I can see, just brilliant! Thank you team Equi Light.

Louise O

We absolutely love our equi light purchases, and have
been recommending to everyone I come across! For me the head band has been an absolute life saver with the dark early mornings and turning
out! My daughter has loved wearing her riding vest she feels so much more safer as she knows she's more visible to passer-by's. We will definitely be buying more from you in the future.

Natalie I

We love them!  I use my Equi-light  Beanie every evening and every time I'm out clipping. My girlfriend has the bamboo headband and wears it every day at the yard and even when working nights at a busy equine hospital. So very easy to pop in the wash and charges fast they are perfect for everybody.
1st class friendly & helpful service too. Whats not to like 😇

Andrew T

I purchased the bamboo Equi light head band for my daughter. WOW! What a fantastic material and beautiful finish. She has the wool one but needed a second, for when that one is damp/wet.
Thank you and the team for a great product & amazing customer service

Julie M

Brilliant product, use it every morning taking my horse down to the field! Easy to charge and a complete game changer with these dark winter mornings!
Thanks so much xxx 😘

Sarah U

Loving my Equi Light headband and beanie. They are amazing for feeding out in the dark and also super handy for walking the dog on winter mornings. They are so comfy and I never want to wear a normal head torch again! Perfect for New Zealand winter if you have horses or find yourself running low on time!

Tallulah M

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